& students

“Rising Action Studios isn’t just a place to workshop your acting and reach your deepest goals. It’s also a place filled with people that will love and support you. You know what they say “the people make the place” and Rising Action Studios definitely does this. From Rising Action Studios I’ve gotten an amazing agent along with amazing friends I’ll have for life.” – M. Wright | Student
“Ever since I met the team at Rising Action, they have changed my life. They are so kind and caring. They actually want to help me pursue my goal, which is something that other places I’ve been to haven’t. They are some of the best people I’ve ever met and I’m so thankful for them everyday.” -B. Sword | Student
“Rising Action Studios is such an amazing resource for our family. We use them to tape auditions for our son! They are the friendliest, most kind and genuine team and they are always able to bring out something so special in the taping room. He has booked major network shows and a movie through the auditions taped with them! We love Rising Action Studios!” -D. Hunt | Parent
“Rising Action Studios is truly my second family. I’ve learned so much in the short time they’ve been open. I’m free to be myself and not apologize for it. I learned to be more natural while acting as well. I can’t wait for the many more memories and experiences with this team!” – G. Tadio | Student
“I absolutely love shooting auditions with Rising Action Studios! They have the perfect blend of making a comfortable environment and coaching. My auditions always come out looking amazing! HIGHLY recommend for any professional actor!” – K. Arrowood | Student
“Rising Action Studios is amazing! My daughter has been taking classes for over a year now, and she absolutely loves the classes and everyone there. Amber and Justin always go above and beyond! We are so thankful to be a part of this amazing place.”- S. Farrahar | Parent
“Amber and Justin at Rising Action Studios, are sincerely amazing! They genuinely want to see you succeed and have gone out of their way to help our son be in the best position possible to further his acting career. From last minute filming sessions to week after week acting lessons, they have always been there for us! Our son would not be where he is without them. So much so, he is signed with his agent due to their intentional work with him!” – M. Jansen | Parent
“As a parent who knew nothing about the acting business I feel totally comfortable with the guidance and support the team at Rising Action Studios has given us. They are professional, encouraging, and supportive. They have created a wonderful community and go above and beyond with their students.” – N. Sword | Parent
“Rising Action Studios has completely helped flip the page in my acting journey. Not only is the teaching/coaching amazing, but they have created a safe, loving, and Christ filled environment. Thanks to Amber and the Rising Action Team, I booked my first ever SAG-AFTRA feature film. I look forward to my lessons every week and they truly feel like family.” -C. Macon | Student
“Rising Action studios has been a blessing in my children’s life. My son Ellis Loves working with Justin. When they are taping together all I can hear in the room is both of them laughing constantly, so I know he is making the audition experience so fun! My Daughter also LOVED production camp hosted by the whole team. She at 9 years old has decided that her life goal is to work on production sets as a camera woman!” – M. Hobbs | Parent