Teacher: Justin Sterner

Starting Jan 30th – April 24th 

time: 5:30-7pm

Investment: $425.00 

In this class, Justin will challenge and inspire the students to reach new heights in their professional and educational careers through mastering the world of auditions. As the industry has adopted the self tape method of auditioning, It comes with trials and a new way to market ourselves as actors and to show what we present like on camera. You will learn how to costume yourself according to the audition standards, how to decide your eye-lines, lighting techniques you can do at home to change the tone of your tapes and much more! With a mixture of professional Actors (signed by agencies) and Actors who are in pursuit, this class will keep everyone on their toes. ” Each student will be assigned a new script and genre every week to memorize, ranging from post-apocalyptic to Hallmark Christmas movies. They will film in front of the class every week and then will receive notes from Amber and Justin. (ages 11-24)


Teacher: Amber Sterner

Starting Jan 30th – april 24th

time: 7:00pm-8pm


Investment $325.00

Having a hard time emotionally connecting to a scene or the character you’re playing? Have you heard Directors or Coaches say, “stay grounded and real” but you don’t know how to get there? Then this class is for you. This class will be structured around the Meisner Acting Technique and will include weeks of dramatic exercises, emotional prep, scene work and repetition. We highly encourage this class for serious students who either want to get signed with an agent or want to do better in their auditions and book.


Self-Tape to Screen

Teacher: Amber Sterner

Starting Feb 1st – April 26th 

time: 7:30-8:30pm 

Investment: $195.00 

In this class Amber will cover audition technique and character work within self tapes. She will also cover creative and professional ways on how to tape at home, what to wear that best fits each character, and how to tape at various studios with various readers.! Amber will be assigning scripts for students to tape at home in order to review virtually and breaking down how to approach multiple genres. She also will be covering confidence building tips within the self tape space.

Whether you are a beginner, or seasoned performer, this class is important for all actors/actresses and is something Directors look for often on a resume. Improv forces us to get up in front of our peers, try new characters and new games and gain confidence, by putting ourselves out there. If you are looking for a fun class to stretch those risk taking muscles, this one’s for you.

Writing & Directing

Teacher: Justin Sterner

Starting FEB 1ST – APRIL 26TH 

time: 6:00pm-7pm


Investment: $195.00

In this class, you will learn how to build a compelling treatment and look-book for a story that you want to begin developing for screen. This class will cover the basics of screenwriting, screenplay outlining, character building, directing for film, directing the camera & understanding visual storytelling.

Teacher: Justin is fortunate to be a published Screenwriter and Director for hire. He has produced, directed, and written dozens of short films, tv series, proof of concepts, and developed pitching materials for feature films.  



Teacher:  Justin Sterner

Starting FEB 2ND – APRIL 27TH 

time: 7PM-9PM 

Investment: $500.00 

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or actor who needs to update your demo reels! This class will tackle both as we train on the elements of production (Acting, Directing, Cinematography, Locations, Editing, Etc.) We will utilize Actors from class to shoot 45 second demo reel scenes in locations like the Coffee Shop, Gym, Offices, and Park! Every week we will be shooting two new demo scenes with different actors. Our production focused students will be trading off as the Cinematographer, Director, Editor and other crew positions (PSA: if you’re interested in both Acting and Production, there is room for you to do both.)